Brant negotiate my decade old judgment slashed the amount nearly 70%off and closed deal in 3 days, what a great work, well done sir

Chris L. Glendale, AZ

I hired Mr. Hodyno to handle some financial matters for me ,he was professional,honest,and hard working. I wouldn't hesitate to use hime again in the future.


Working with Brant feels like working with a good friend. He's open, caring and does due diligence to be sure he understands and can easily explain the complicated aspects of just about anything law related. He's a friendly, no-nonsense-type lawyer...definitely the type you want on your side.

C C. Brooklyn, NY

If you are looking for an Attorney who will be an advocate for you, then Brant is your man. I can not express how grateful I am to have such a patient and understanding Attorney on my side. He goes above and beyond the norm for all his clients, something that is rare these days. If you are considering a bankruptcy look no further, Brant is the most professional, caring Attorney who will put you at ease and does not do anything half way.

June H, Phoenix AZ

Brant helped our family through a tough negotiation and we are forever grateful. He gave us great advice throughout the process to save us all the time, money, and aggravation that he possibly could. At one point he said "do you want to spend the next six months of your life worrying about this or do you want to move on with your life?" and I have to say that I think of those words often. He genuinely cared about our happiness, reducing our stress, saving us money and time and sanity, and taking good care of my family. We could not recommend him any higher!

Jennifer M. Brooklyn, NY


My lawyer was extremely good, he answered all my questions, always called me back. He always made me feel at ease. I would definitely recommend him.

Great Bankruptcy lawyer!

Brant takes your situation and guides you to the best filing options for you. He is attentive and always assures you. He always gets back to you right away.
Best thing I did was hire him.

Excellent Attorney

Would definitely recommend to anyone who is seeking a good lawyer! I know I ask a lot of questions and forget things but Brant has always been very patient and made sure he gave me the correct information. If I ever need assistance he's there.


Brant was so helpful throughout the bankruptcy process. He got back to me quickly when I had questions and made sure I knew everything to do. He was always very understanding and kind. Would definitely recommend him!

Couldn't Ask For Better

Brant was knowledgeable and flexible to my needs during this process. I did not have a clue on how bankruptcy worked going into filling and he made it seem easy. Thanks again for your hard work on my case.

Good experience

Brent was helpful and gave his best opinion after reviewing my documents, he also gave me a similar situation he been through that was related to mine.

glad I pursued assistance...

Wonderful advice concerning property Deed in Lieu, Foreclosure, and Bankruptcy. A clear direction in which to proceed is now possible. Thank you sir.

Knowledgeable, experienced, articulate, helpful.

I like the way Brant went about his business on handling my case.
I felt that if I need Brant for another case. He would great get it done for me or anyone out their needing help. So I thank Brant for all he has done from Start to Finish. You won’t find a better person to deal with.


I could not be more pleased with Mr Hodyno as an attorney and how he has represented myself and my wife. He went the extra mile and did much more than expected. I shall be forever grateful for his expertise in my case. Oh, and by the way, He is a very good person as well and believes his clients are #1 and he shows that he is proud to help people with their problems. I recommend him highly for anyone that requires an attorney.

atty rating

We reached out to this attorney for a very complex bankruptcy situation. Mr. Hodyno's comprehensive and pin point advice was many levels above what any other attorney was able to offer us. Mr. Hodyno appeared extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to the task at hand. His attention to detail was impeccable. We would use Mr. Hodyno again and highly recommend him to anyone who is looking for a great attorney.

Extremely knowledgeable and dedicated attorney..

I came to Brant with 2 debts to be settled. One was in lawsuit and I had tried to settle on my own for less than they wanted without any success. Brant settled both within 2 days, for much less than the original amount. He fees are reasonable, and he knows his way around creditors, lawsuits, and collection agencies. I would highly recommend him for creditor settlement negotiations.

Creditor Settlement Negotiation

Brant never left us uninformed. We never hesitated to ask question and he was very thorough in answering which made us comfortable. He was very reassuring during the whole process, which was over in no time. I recommend him to anyone wanting things done right the first time.

Our Bankruptcy Lawyer Brandt

Brant was incredibly helpful to me from the start in dealing with a lawsuit from my bank regarding an old credit card debt. He was clear about what he could (and couldn't) do for me, and was up front about his costs. He didn't promise anything that he couldn't deliver, and in fact reached a very reasonable settlement with my bank's lawyers. This debt that has weighed on my mind for nearly a decade has been resolved to everyone's satisfaction and, as a result, has lifted a huge weight off of my shoulders. Although I hope never to be in this situation again, I would immediately call Brant if I was in need of such services again. I would recommend him in a heartbeat to any family or friends who find themselves in need of a debt or bankruptcy attorney.

Debt Lawsuit Assistance

I had unfortunately hired another attorney that had made mistake after mistake and after 2 years in bankruptcy, I was about to lose my home. Called a website on a Friday night and left a recorded message. Brant called first thing the next day (Saturday) and was kind enough to look up my case and put my mind at ease w my home. Met him Monday and he immediately worked w the mortgage company, to clear up the stupid mistakes the other attorney had made! I was able to save my home and hired Brant to complete my bankruptcy because I had been in bankruptcy for over 2 years!!
Brant was compassionate and listened to all my concerns, he returned all my phone calls and put my mind at ease. I would HIGHLY recommend him to anyone that needs a great atty.

Great atty saved my home

We were at wits end trying to deal with debts with insufficient income. We contacted Brant's office and were immediately given an appointment. As soon as we met with him we felt we had made the right decision. Brant was encouraging, helpful, reassuring, professional and knowledgeable from the very beginning. We knew absolutely nothing about filing and he directed us every step of the way. His rates are reasonable and his office staff is helpful. He was always available to answer questions and give help. We both feel we just can't say enough positive things about Brant.

Bankruptcy Lawyer

Just a quick review to indicate how satisfied I was with Brant Hodyno's services. He is very knowledgeable, professional, informative, and sympathetic with your current situation. He offered appointments that worked with my schedule. He kept me informed every step of the way. There were no surprises.
The hardest thing about this whole process, was pronouncing his last name.
I would, and have, recommended Brant to others.


I recently filed bankruptcy and hired Brant Hodyno to represent me in my case. He was extremely knowledgeable about the process and walked me through what would have been a very intimidating process without his representation. Brant was upfront and honest the entire way through the process and was prompt in responding to my inquiries or requests. I would absolutely recommend Brant to anyone looking to file Bankruptcy.

Review of Attorney Brant Hodyno

I hired Hodyno to help me fight a mistake on my credit report. Dealing with the creditor had been terrible to this point, and I was at a dead end. Hodyno was empathetic during our phone call, but made it a point to manage my expectations. In the end, we weren't able to get the creditor to change the language, but Hodyno was able to get me a full record of my payments from the creditor to support my dispute (which were not being released to me, neither before nor since!) He was prompt, thorough and honest.
Sometimes you just need an attorney to turn to for solid advice, someone to actually help you. I recommend Brant Hodyno.

Solid advice when I needed it

I met with Mr.Brant Edward Hodyno to discuss a very timely legal situation that other lawyers were unable to handle for me. Mr. Hodyno listened carefully and reviewed my options, clearly and concisely. He took the time to make a direct, related call while I was there and assured me that I could relax and that he would have the situation handle in the morning. The next morning he called and told me that the situation was handled and over.
I have been dealing with this situation for a long time and Mr. Brant Hodyno was able to understand my personal anxiety and end the stress in 24 hours! He was professional, articulate and a pleasure to call my lawyer.

Quality Professional Service

I had 2 credit card debts that had been weighing on my mind for nearly 10 years.
I received a Summons for the first Debt several months ago. I did not have an attorney at that time, so I knew I needed to find one soon. I asked friends and family how to do this. I finally found Brant's Office through the internet. I set up an appointment, when I was told who I would be meeting with I checked his qualifications with Avvo and the State.
We met in his office. We contacted the first attorney and arrived at a settlement, by phone during that meeting.
The second summons arrived a couple of weeks ago. I mailed Brant a copy. We talked this week. He negotiated a settlement with the other party.
I am very satisfied with Brant's handling of these situations.
I am happy and would recommend Brant to my friends and family.

Debt Settlement

After careful consideration and a couple of years of struggle, we made the decision to contact an attorney to weigh the pros/cons of filing for a Chapter 7. We were very hesitant about the idea of filing for bankruptcy and totally dreading the whole process. I chose to contact Brant based on various reviews and his informative website. His fees are reasonable & from the time I contacted his office to picking up my final paperwork, Brank was great. He made himself available to us by phone, email, and in person through the entire process and was always very quick to get back to me. He was professional but also appropriately frank and forthright. He prepared us for possible difficult turns but assured us he would do everything he could to get us through with a Chapter 7 - and he did. He prepared us for the 341 meeting, calming our nerves and concerns with helpful information and encouragement. If you are trying to decide what you need to do and don't know where to turn, call Brant Hodyno. He will answer your questions honestly and will handle your case with skill and integrity.

Chapter 7

Brant was hired on by me as my bankruptcy lawyer. In the middle of my case, the company he was working with started to do unethical practices that Brant was not ok with. Brant ended up starting up his own firm, but I was stuck with the company he was working with before. When it came time for us to go to court, the firm was not prepared whatsoever for our case and they were lacking tons of info for my case. I was told by them not to contact Brant as he had no control of what was going on with my current case. After we went to court and they weren't prepared, I proceeded to fire them and let them just keep my money. I then reached back out to Brant he he picked up where the case was and shuffled appointments around on his schedule to accomadate our new court date. Brant showed up and was prepared to help us with our case. The case is now closed and it is due to all of the hard work that Brant did for us after the last firm messed everything up. I would recommend Brant for any services that he provides as he is all about his customer service and making sure that his clients are informed and educated through the whole process. He is a class act and takes every case that he works personally as if it were him. If you are ever in need of a great lawyer, just reach out to Brant and he will ensure that you are well taken care of! It was easy for me to give him a 5 star review as his service and communication are 2nd to none. You should have nothing but confidence when you hire Brant Hodyno!

Class Act Mr. Hodyno

My girlfriend found Mr. Hodyno on this same website in order to help me with a gargantuan debt that had accrued from a long-neglected court restitution. I was reluctant to call anybody at first, being that I tend to be pessimistic and skeptical that there is a solution to such situations. She convinced me to call various lawyers and Mr. Hodyno was the only one willing to really even hear out my situation past the point of me explaining my financial limitations and that I can't afford to pay a lawyer. Over the period of a little more than a week we spoke a few times and he explained to me that he could charge me a $200 fee to do the same thing I could just do myself for free by contacting the collections agency and asking a specific question and then getting back to him with their response. Once I did what he had walked me through to do he explained that based on the agency's response he could tell me that sadly there was no recourse for my situation which of course was disappointing, but he also explained that there are plenty of lawyers out there who would have charged me a 200 - plus-dollar fee knowing in advance that there was no easy answer to my situation and thus essentially would have ended up stealing from me and adding at least $200 to my already sizable debt. Thanks to Mr. Hodyno's honesty, integrity, humanity and willingness to talk me through a relatively simple few steps I can now rest in the knowing that the debt is just something I will have to be diligent about and chip away at over time - minus $200! I know it may sound disappointing in that I did not get the ideal outcome, but I genuinely appreciated Mr. Hodyno's guidance and willingness to take the time to be straight with me. Thanks, Brant!

Honesty And Integrity


Brant was there to help me every step of the way through my Bankruptcy. He quickly answered my questions no matter the time of the day and reassured me when I had doubts or concerns. He really did make the whole process easy to follow and understand.

Amy R

Brant Hodyno was so much more than we expected from bankruptcy counsel. Brant gave us hope, helped us, stood by us and fought for us. There is nothing more anyone could ask of him. We count ourselves blessed to have been directed to Brant. Compassionate Counsel is truly an appropriate name for his business. If you need help, please don't hesitate to call Brant.

Margaret B

After eight months of searching for a bankruptcy Attorney I was fortunate to find Mr. Hodyno who stepped in and took over my case, all my fears along with it. He was never "too busy" to answer questions, return calls or advise me. Very rare!! I cannot express to Brant how grateful I am to have him on my side. I went from being a basket case to feeling protected and secure. Wish I could give him 10 stars!! His name says it all..."Compassionate Counsel." By far the best Attorney I have ever worked.

June H.

I hired Brant to help me fight a mistake on my credit report. Dealing with the creditor had been terrible to this point, and I was at a dead end. Brant was empathetic during our phone call, but made it a point to manage my expectations. In the end, we weren't able to get the creditor to change the language, but Brant was able to get me a full record of my payments from the creditor to support my dispute (which were not being released to me, neither before nor since!) He was prompt, thorough and honest. Sometimes you just need an attorney to turn to for solid advice, someone to actually help you. I recommend Brant Hodyno.

Paul O

Martindale Hubble

Knowledgeable, courteous and effective. Would recommend.

Posted by a Small Business

Very thorough and responsive. Highly recommended.

Posted by a Small Business

Mr. Hodyno was very responsive, professional and knowledge. I would highly recommend him.

Posted by a Private Individual

Brant helped us understand and get what we deserved from a large insurance claim. His understanding of the nuances and subtleties of the insurance company's attempts to try and get us to accept less than we were entitled to. I would recommend him without hesitation.

Posted by a Corporate/Large Company

Brant is incredibly knowledgeable, thorough, and fair. He gave us great advice and helped us reach a fair settlement that made the process as painless as possible. I would highly recommend him and/or use his services again!

Posted by a Private Individual

We were referred to Brant E. Hodyno in December 2010. We needed his help in seeking an amicable resolution to a contract dispute regarding home improvement work.{para}Brant Hodyno was instrumental in helping us draft and execute a detailed letter with corresponding documents to our former contractor. He also put us in touch with local attorneys who had specific expertise handling residential home improvement contractors in Coral Gables. He took a real interest and provided us with good guidance.

Posted by a Private Individual


I contacted Mr. Hodyno via a personal recommendation; he aided me in finding help to solve a financial issue. He found me an attorney that was not only very close to my place of residence and business, but, in a profession that isn't necessarily known for its amenability and personal, human connection, Mr. Hodyno and the lawyer to whom he referred me were both very good people as well as consummate professionals. Thank you very much for your help!

Greg Keras

I had called several Attorneys before I located Brant to help me though my bankruptcy. Of all the Attorneys I spoke with all wanted to charge more money and it seemed to be their primary concern, not me as a client.
This was not the case with Brant. His concern was helping his client. I was afraid of the process but Brant literally held my hand throughout the entire process erasing all my fears.
It did not have to be as difficult as I had feared as I found out after the process was over. I credit this to Brant's patience with my many calls to him and his kindness in taking the time to listen.
If you need to file bankruptcy just save yourself all the stress and most likely some money and put your case in the hands of a true professional.

June Harrod


Brant was incredibly helpful at helping resolve a credit dispute and avoid a judgment from being filed against me. He was very up front about the pros and cons of settling versus litigation, was responsive to e-mails, and resolved the issue within a week. After calling a big law firm initially, and speaking with the same receptionist who forgot my information 10 minutes later, it was refreshing to call the number listed and speak to Brant directly. I would highly recommend this attorney.

Casey H.


There are many bankruptcy Attorneys in Arizona but few will take the time to make sure the client comes first. Brant is the exception. After much research and conversations with other Attorneys no one came close to the care and concern shown to me as Mr. H***** did. I could not have asked for a better person to handle my case. He personally answers his phone and will answer your questions making sure you, the client feels at ease and in trusted hands. A true professional in every sense of the word. Thank you Brant for all your time and tireless work on my case.

June H.


Brant H***** is an attorney that puts his client first and will do a thorough job in explaining down to the smallest detail. He is compassionate, informative, and leaves no detail uncovered. His sole objective is to attend to his client and do the best job of any attorney any where.

Walter M.