Bringing Down Your Debts - Not Your Spirits

Brant Hodyno, a bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsdale, Arizona

Licensed to practice law in New York (2005), Florida (2010) and Arizona (2013), Brant is a bankruptcy lawyer in Scottsdale, assisting individuals with comprehensive debt relief services. Not only will you get legal counsel from a trusted attorney, you will get compassionate assistance from an attorney who cares about your situation. Brant is committed to providing sympathetic counsel and individualized solutions for debt relief.

Brant Hodyno

Bankruptcy Law

Using his broad knowledge and background for your specific situation

Brant graduated from St. Johns University School of Law (J.D., 2004), where he took special interest in consumer advocacy and therapeutic jurisprudence. A year later, he attended the University Of Miami School Of Law and received his LL.M. in real property development and finance. After graduation, Brant focused on litigating for large corporations.

After several years practicing in international litigation and arbitration for corporate clients, Brant felt compelled to return to his original passion for the law: consumer protection. Bankruptcy is the most effective and powerful consumer protection available. So, in 2016, Brant opened his own practice in Scottsdale Arizona, refocusing his career on helping regular people address and resolve their financial issues.

Now, Brant serves and protects individual consumers who have been dealt crushing financial blows that commonly result from health, marital and employment issues. He is there to provide counsel, protection, remedies and empathy to whoever seeks out his service.

While Bankruptcy is a relatively inexpensive and straightforward process - as legal processes go - it is not the easy way out. It takes a great deal of introspection and personal responsibility for an individual to identify (and accept) their financial predicament and to take the appropriate steps to remedy the underlying issues. He is always impressed with his clients' gumption and he genuinely appreciates the effort it takes them to have the initial consultation. He always treats them with the respect they deserve, and offers the empathy no one else will give.

When life deals you one of these financial blows and you think there is just no way out, please call Brant so he can give you some options. Don't let your fear of the unknown - or the psychological torture of debt collectors - get the better of you. The beauty of a free bankruptcy consultation is that he will provide you with clarity and options to remedy your situation. He will help you immediately relieve the stress, worry and weight you have on your shoulders. Brant carries that weight for you so you can get on with the business of taking care of yourself and your family.