A new way to Lawyer-up!

Concierge Service Chapter 7 Filings are now available from Compassionate Counsel ™ in Scottsdale or Phoenix, AZ

What does that mean?

You get a one on one meeting with one of our experienced bankruptcy attorneys. During this meeting, he files your Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Petition. No waiting. No confusion. No anxiety. No wondering when and how. You leave Compassionate Counsel's ™ office with your case number and a copy of your petition.

How does it work?

You first meet with one of our knowledgeable attorneys for your free consultation to determine the best customized solution for your situation. If your best path forward is a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy, your Compassionate Counsel ™ lawyer will give you easy-to-follow instructions for you to gather some documents and fill out a form for the meeting.

After legal fees are paid and documents and forms are ready (people usually take 3-4 days to gather this information), you call (or text or email) your Compassionate Counsel ™ lawyer directly, to set up an appointment.

You bring your documents and fees to the Compassionate Counsel's ™ office, and your petition is prepared for you to review. After you review and approve the Petition, your bankruptcy attorney files it electronically.

How much are legal fees for your case?

Compassionate Counsel ™ charges the same rate for their Concierge Service. (There is no additional charge.)

The base rate for a Chapter 7 Bankruptcy is usually $1,800.00, but every case is different. Compassionate Counsel ™ offers hardship and other discounts for folks in need. We also have a discounted rate for active duty or military veterans. You can make payments for the fees and they will never charge additional fees because you take time to pay. Remember, though, fees need to be paid in full before your case can be filed.

You will also have a couple of other expenses:

  • Credit Counseling Course and Financial Management Course. Your Compassionate Counsel ™ lawyer will give you information on course providers (on line or by phone) and these courses are about $25.00.
  • The court filing fee for a Chapter 7 is $335.00. You will pay this over four months directly to the Court after we file.

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